Contributions Young People Can Make in this Time of National Tragedy

During times of great tragedy, young people feel the world is out of control.

In addition to listening to their concerns, young people can be helped through routine and structure. Just as adults need to do concrete activities to aid themselves through anxiety and grief, young people also need to make specific contributions to demonstrate their compassion and sadness. Listed below are a few suggestions:

1. Send cards and drawings to other children who have lost a loved one.

2. Send cards to local firefighters and law enforcement expressing condolences for their fallen fellow officers.

3. Create a large mural expressing sorrow for our nation's loss.

4. Collect pennies for families who have lost a loved one.

5. Wear red, white and blue ribbons to show solidarity.

Adults can work with young people by the following:

A. Hold a moment of silence for the school community.

B. Provide 15 minutes each morning to review the days events.

"Life's deepest wounds integrated can become one's greatest power."

. . .Mariette Hartley