Child and Adolescent Inpatient Services


The Child and Adolescent Inpatient Services (CAIS) provides 24 hospital beds for patients ages four to eighteen whose psychiatric illness is serious to warrant inpatient treatment or who require specialized testing, observation or evaluation that can only be provided in an inpatient setting. Each patient receives psychiatric, nursing, psychosocial, family, physical, psychological, dietary, laboratory, educational, and activities assessments and treatment in accordance with an individualized treatment plan.


Patients who are able to benefit from a short term, multi-modal treatment program in an open setting may be admitted on an involuntary or voluntary basis. Admission is initiated through the Access Center-800-969-5300- and/or the Children’s Crisis Intervention Service (CCIS) or , if after hours and on holidays, the Acute Psychiatric Service (APS) at UBHC in Piscataway.