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These studies are currently recruiting participants:

Perceptual Consequences of Refractive Error Among Those with 20/20 Vision 

This is currently an unfunded pilot study that considers how changes in visual acuity affect visual perception. We therefore seek individuals who can achieve 20/20 binocular vision without glasses or contacts. The study takes about 2 hours and will take place at the Center of Cognitive Science in the Laboratory of Vision Research on the Busch Campus (152 Frelinghuysen Road). 
Compensation is $15/hr. ($30 total) 
If interested, contact Danielle Paterno (

Perceptual Organization as a Biomarker of Schizophrenia

Dr. Silverstein and Dr. Keane are looking for Volunteers for a research study at UBHC on visual perception in schizophrenia. People who are between 18-65 years of age, with the diagnosis of schizophrenia, schizoaffective, bipolar with psychotic features and people with no psychiatric history may be eligible to participate. The study involves about 7 visits during a 15 month period, each session lasts between 1 to 4 hours. Participants will complete a psychiatric interview and several computerized tests (no treatment or medication will be involved in this study).
Compensation is $15/hr. and total earnings could be $150-$350. Transportation costs will be covered for some participants. 
If interested, contact Danielle Paterno 732-235-9259 Or Docia Demmin732-235-2848  

Randomized Controlled Trial of Treatment for Internalized Stigma in Schizophrenia

Inclusion criteria: At least 21 years of age; Client at Rutgers-UBHC in Newark Outpatient, Acute or Extended Partial Hospital, or Piscataway Partial Hospital or Acute Partial Hospital; Able to speak English well enough to participate; Moderate or high internalized stigma, as determined by screening; Schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder, as determined by baseline interview; No current alcohol or drug dependence, as determined by baseline interview.
Compensation is $5.00 for screening (usually 10-15 minutes); $30.00 for baseline interview (usually 2-2.5 hours); $30.00 each for post-treatment, 3-month, and 6-month interviews (usually 1.5-2 hours each).
If interested, please contact Nancy Tiffany

3/5 – Cognitive Neuroscience Task Reliability & Clinical Applications Consortium

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Compensation is $20/hr.
If interested, please contact Lindsay Cherneski 732-235-5043

Developmental, Clinical, Cognitive, and Demographic Characteristics of Psychiatric Patients With a Serious Mental Illness and a Recent History of Violent Behavior

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Compensation is $15/hr.
If interested, please contact Lindsay Cherneski (732) 235-5043 or Jill Del Pozzo

Neural Mechanisms of Perceptual Organization Across the Schizo-Bipolar Spectrum

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Compensation is between $20 and $30 per hour, and the total amount could be between $90 and $200.
We are looking for psychiatrically healthy people as well as people with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.
If interested, please contact Lisa Cruz 732-235-3221or 973-972-1704

Study of Brain Function During Simple Tasks and Rest

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Compensation is $50/hr.



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