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Jasmine Mote

Psychology Intern

Curriculum Vitae

I received my B.A. in Psychology from Oberlin College in 2009. After graduation I worked as a research associate in the Interdisciplinary Affective Science Laboratory at Northeastern University under the supervision of Lisa Feldman Barrett from 2009-2011. I am currently completing my Ph.D. in clinical science at the University of California, Berkeley under the supervision of Ann M. Kring and am a Pre-Doctoral Psychology Intern in the Severe Mental Illness Track here at Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care.

I am interested in understanding the interconnections between the social, emotional, motivational, and cognitive deficits found in people with schizophrenia-spectrum diagnoses. For example, my dissertation is examining whether heightened negative emotion and/or cognitive control deficits in schizophrenia account for the observation of incongruent emotion experience in response to evocative stimuli. I am also interested in understanding sex differences in schizophrenia; the development and implementation of psychosocial interventions to increase healthy positive affect and wellbeing in people with severe mental illness; and in combating stigma surrounding mental illness through communicating with and educating the general public.

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