UBHC granted $2.5 million to support civilian victims of 9/11

Three years after the 9/11 tragedy, thousands of New Jersey residents – particularly those who commute to NYC – still experience trauma, anxiety, and grief as part of their daily lives.

The “It’s-4-U-NJ” campaign is the latest program in New Jersey’s many post-9/11 victim assistance strategies to help the public recover from the impact of the disaster. “It’s-4-U-NJ” offers information, material, counseling and support services to anyone with a need, including commuters and others who experience the daily anxiety of riding commuter trains, buses and ferries, driving through the tunnels and crossing bridges, getting on an airplane, or just from watching the news and the demands of daily life.

The “It’s-4-U-NJ” campaign is funded with $5 million in federal grant monies and consists of four primary components:

  • Community outreach to raise awareness of services available to New Jerseyans, including a high visibility radio and newspaper campaign and the posting and distribution of information at train, bus, ferry and commuter stations servicing travel between New Jersey and Manhattan;
  • Establishment of the “It’s-4-U-NJ” Hotline – 1-866-4-U-NJ-9-11 (1-800-486-5911) staffed by clinicians and supervisor peers to provide information, support, and crisis intervention to all callers;
  • Provide community group counseling sessions in convenient and easily accessible venues in eight high risk counties (Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Morris, Monmouth, Ocean, Passaic, and Union);
  • Continuation of the highly successful New Jersey Disaster Critical Incident Stress Response project to assist first responders and public employees from throughout the state with hotline support from peers and clinical counseling services, along with the extension of counseling and support services by mental health workers.

Attorney General Harvey and UBHC CEO Kosseff launched the “It’s-4-U-NJ” program by
unveiling a public service advertising campaign slated for air on New Jersey and New York radio stations, New York and New Jersey newspapers, as well as the Hispanic community publications, and on billboards, NJ Transit buses, commuter buses, and the New York/New Jersey ferries. The public outreach effort also includes a new “It’s-4-U-NJ” web page located at www.njdcj.org. Additionally, a 24-hour, toll-free hotline phone number…1-866-4-U-NJ-9-11

(1-800-486-5911) is in place at UMDNJ to help individuals seeking assistance.

The calls are coming from everyday New Jerseyans plagued by nightmares and fears of planes, of commuting to New York City, of losing friends, or images of the attacks on the World Trade Center three years ago.

Over 400 calls were received during the initial 2 weeks of the line being operational.