Elective Program

Almost all of the services described as part of the core program are also available as elective rotations. Students already scheduled for these experiences may choose to spend more than the minimal time or take on more than the minimal number of cases.

In addition, electives are available in the following service areas:

  1. Child Consultation/Liaison: Interns may consult to child hospital patients in need of brief psychological assessment and/or intervention in the ER and Crisis units of University Hospital, with doctors from the Department of Psychiatry. This rotation requires one afternoon per week. Supervision provided by Tolga Taneli, M.D.
  1. Child Group Therapy: Interns may co-lead a group in the Child Outpatient Services, either with a staff member or another intern. Groups may be focused on particular age ranges, particular diagnostic categories, particular skills, or particular content areas. Interns might also develop a group for a selected population of their interest. Supervision will be provided by the staff member who is the co-therapist, or by an assigned supervisor, if interns lead a group together.
  1. Children of Violence: Interns will carry one treatment case in this project. Children seen in this program are referred specifically because of histories of victimization by or witnessing violence. These include histories of sexual or physical abuse, witnessing domestic violence or community violence, or surviving the homicide of a family member. Group supervision includes a didactic componet and is provided by Dr. Paula Iudica, for 1.5 hours per week.
  1. Consultation/Liaison: Interns consult to diverse hospital patients in need of brief psychological assessment and/or intervention. This is a major elective and requires one full day per week. Supervision is provided by Dr. Rashi Aggarwal and Dr. Douglas Opler, both of the Division of Psychiatry.
  2. Correctional/ Forensic Elective: Interns may elect to perform psychotherapy or conduct assessments in one of the correctional facilities available (Edna Mahan, Northern State, Avenel), under the supervision of licensed UCHC psychologists.
  3. FXB: The FXB Clinic provides medical services for children and adolesecents who are HIV+ through maternal transmission. Interns may see individual clients and co-lead groups for youth and young adults seen in this clinic. Supervision is provided by Heidi Haiken, LCSW.
  1. Jamesburg Juvenile Justice Center: Interns may elect to spend one day a week for the year seeing incarcerated juveniles at the New Jersey Training School for Boys, under the supervision of Dr. Jason Fleming.
  1. Primary Care Consultation: Working with Dr. Donald Ciccone, interns may assess and provide direct services to primary care clinics, and perform brief screening assessments, using an REBT treatment model.
  2. Student Wellness / Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Interns may elect to work with medical students and employees in advanced psychodynamic psychotherapy. Supervision provided by Dr. Mark Chernin.
  3. Youth Consultation Services: Child track interns participate in group and dyadic treatment of mothers and babies. This is an off-site placement, and use of a car is necessary. A didactic component is included. Dr. Diane Squadron supervises.

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