Internship Program Administration / Training Committee

Gregory Benson, Psy.D., Director of Psychology Training, Newark; Clinician Supervisor, Adult Outpatient Services

Paula Iudica-Costa, Psy.D., Co-Assistant Director of Psychology Training

Rinku Arora, Psy.D., Clinician Supervisor, Child & Adolescent Outpatient Services; Co-Assistant Director of Psychology Training

Stephanie Marcello Duva, Ph.D., Executive Director, Newark and Piscataway Psychology Internship Programs; Program Director,Behavioral Research and Training Institute (BRTI) Chief Psychologist,University Behavioral Health Care

Mitch Abrams, Psy.D., Clinician Administrator, Forensic Track

Richard Cevasco, Ed.D., Director of Psychology, Forensic Track

Pamela Dengrove, Psy.D., Assessment Director

Evelyn Orozco, Psy.D., Program Director, Child & Adolescent Services

Erin Williams, Ph.D., Intern Representative; Clinician, Northern State Prison

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