New Jersey Medical School Resident Wellness and Excellence Center

The Resident Wellness and Excellence Center (RWEC) is a free and confidential counseling service which helps residents deal effectively with stressors and pressures related to residency, as well as personal problems that may affect their well-being, their home lives and/or their work performance.

What services are offered? 

  • Free, confidential, short term, focused individual, couples and family counseling.
  • Crisis Intervention.
  • Prevention oriented groups and workshops on relevant topics, e.g. stress management.
  • Assessment and referral for specialized substance abuse treatment.
  • Training and consultation to peer support counselors, faculty & staff.

How confidential are services?  Confidentiality is paramount to providing effective services.  Therefore, information regarding a resident will not be released to anyone without written consent from the resident.  Additionally, because the Resident Wellness and Excellence Center is independent from work, the RWEC doesn’t share any university-wide databases and/or central filing systems. 


Who is eligible for services?  The Resident Wellness and Excellence Center services are available to all NJMS residents.  Additionally, services are available to family members who reside within your household.


What types of concerns might warrant a resident using the RWEC?  The RWEC provides assessment, counseling and referral services.  Areas that the RWEC can help with include, but are not limited to the following:  personal problems, anxiety, work related stress, problems with relationships, family issues, alcohol & drug use, and concerns with depression.


Is there a fee for using the RWEC?  “NO”.  The RWEC services are free to you as a resident, and to those members of your household who reside with you.


Where is the Resident Wellness and Excellence Center located?  The RWEC has sites located on the Newark, Piscataway and Stratford/Camden campuses. 


Call to schedule an appointment:


Newark: (973) 972-5429

183 South Orange Avenue


Piscataway: (732) 235-5930

242 Old New Brunswick Road, Suite 330


Stratford/Camden: (856) 770-5750

227 Laurel Road
1 Echelon Plaza, Suite 101


For more information please call 1-800-327-3678.


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