Program Director Resources

The Resident Wellness and Excellence Center (RWEC) and Resident Assistance Program (RAP) are available to Program Directors as a resource to assist when there are concerns regarding a resident’s emotional wellbeing and/or work performance.  Clinicians at the RWEC and RAP are available to provide various resources and support including:

  • Free, short term, confidential counseling services for residents and NJMS and RWJMS staff.

  • Assessment and referral for specialized substance abuse treatment.

  • Unlimited telephone consultation – Program Directors are welcome to call the RWEC and RAP to discuss any concerns they are observing in a resident to help identify the best course of action.

  • Formal Referrals:  Program Directors can formally refer a resident they have concerns about along with any discipline process and/or to help encourage linkage for counseling. 

  • Fitness Evaluations:  A Fitness Evaluation is an assessment, requested by an employer, to determine if a current resident is or is not able to perform essential job functions because of psychological or psychiatric conditions.    

  • Critical Incident Response:  The clinicians at the RWEC and RAP are available to provide onsite response in the event of a critical incident.

  • Prevention oriented groups and workshops on relevant topics, e.g. Stress Management.

  • For emergencies after hours please call:  (800) 327-3648.

Concerned about a resident? 

If you are having concerns about a resident’s emotional wellbeing, the clinicians at the RWEC and RAP are available to assist you.  The RWEC and RAP provide unlimited telephone consultation to Program Directors to discuss resident concerns. 


Employee Assistance Program

Please also remember the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), run by the same clinicians as the RWEC and RAP, is available to Program Directors and Staff for their own support.  The EAP provides:

  • Free and confidential counseling services for employees and family members that reside in their household.

  • Short term and focused individual, couples and family counseling.

  • Assessment and referrals for specialized substance abuse treatment.

  • Please visit our EAP website for more information about the services available to assist and support Faculty and Staff.


Call to schedule an appointment:

          Newark Campus
          (973) 972-5429 (Office)
          (800) 327-3678 (Emergencies or After Hours)


          Piscataway Campus
          (732) 235-5930 (Office)
          (800) 327-3678 (Emergencies or After Hours)

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