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The Collaborative Behavioral Health Care Project - Essex County HUB, in partnership with New Jersey Medical School and UBHC Rutgers Health introduces a dynamic collaboration with Essex County Pediatricians and Family Practitioners.

Pediatric Primary Care Providers play a key role in ensuring a healthy physical, social, and emotional development of their patients. However, Pediatric Primary Care Providers (PCP) have identified difficulties in treating the mental health and addiction needs of their patients. Lack of appropriate expertise and level of comfort to address emotional and behavioral needs has also been identified by these providers through research and anecdotal reports. In addition, they have also expressed unfamiliarity and inexperience regarding existing behavioral health resources and infrastructure and sufficient information to conduct care coordination of their patients.

The goal of this project, funded by the New Jersey Department of Children and Families, is to partner with Pediatric Primary Care Providers and Family Practitioners in a dynamic collaboration to build the capacity of medical providers. The Essex HUB team consists of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists, licensed mental health professionals, and a care manager who can provide psychiatric consultations, medication management, and therapeutic services. In addition to this collaboration, ongoing trainings on relevant behavioral health information will be offered, free of charge. Experts from the HUB team can assist with linkages and referrals to mental health and addiction services, with their vast knowledge of community resources. Pediatric Primary Care Providers and Family Practitioners will be better equipped to identify, provide appropriate treatment and link their patients to mental health care services through the use of the Essex HUB team and the resources it offers. The program is available to children up to the age of 18 and requires the parents/caregivers consent.


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About our Staff

Evelyn Orozco, PhD

Program Director, Newark Children Services Co-Principle Investigator

Dominga S. Padilla MD

Medical Director Pediatrics, Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine , Co-Principle Investigator

Debra Waksberg,

LCSW Project Coordinator

Rinku Arora, Psy.D.

Clinician Supervisor

Dorothy Isecke, MD

 Child Psychiatrist

Rachel Power, MD

Child Psychiatrist

Alyssa M. Cariani, LPC, LCADC

Mental Health Clinician II

Cynthia Stephens, CSW

Habilitation Counselor




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