Children At Risk Resources and Intervention Programs (CARRI)

CARRI- Youth Intensive Intervention Program (YIIP)

Helping Families Heal

An intensive office, home and community based program using a family systems approach.  YIIP utilizes principles from evidence/systems/strength based models of family therapy to assess risk factors and develop a structured plan unique to the family and helping the family heal.  Our program uses this form of a therapeutic approach to assist youth and their families who are experiencing difficult challenges that may be interfering with school performance, life at home, and in such areas as anger management, recovery from substance abuse, effective communication, interpersonal/social skills building, problem-solving, conflict-resolution techniques, psycho-education, and addressing other behavioral and mental health issues.

The goal is to help families feel more connected, instill hope, and to better balance multiple and overwhelming stressors.  Our program is designed to assist families/youth who did not experience lasting change through other interventions.  There are different types of treatment techniques, activities and tools that our therapists utilize that help maximize the benefits of therapy.  Interventions are tailored to meet the needs of each family as we realize that all families have different experiences. YIIP uses evidence-based tools throughout the course of therapy and thus, able to gather feedback from each individual family member.

YIIP uses a short-term approach (6-9 months) to intensively target symptoms and family issues, with a goal of helping parents/caregivers to regain hope.  YIIP believes in treating the whole family, and not just the “identified consumer.”  At the clinical discretion of the therapist, families are typically seen 1-2 times weekly, and therapy can be provided at community locations, in the home, and at University Behavioral Health Care.


  • Families must reside in Middlesex County.
  • FREE service for youth 10 to 18 years of age and meet the behavioral criteria.
  • Parent(s)/guardian involvement and participation.
  • Transportation if applicable.
  • Referrals are accepted directly from schools, DCP&P, legal system, mental health and other community agencies.

This program is funded by the New Jersey Department of Children and Families (DCF).

24-48 hour Cancellation Policy

Contact Information:

Kathleen Hawkins, MSW, LCSW                                         
Program Coordinator                                                             
Phone: (732) 235-6317                                                     


CARRI Program

“Helping Parents Become Better Parents”

A Parenting Education Service that provides strength-based supportive counseling to parents referred by the Department of Children and Families-Division of Child and Protection and Permanency (DCP&P). Services include the use of the evidence-based Nurturing Parenting curriculum which is designed to support and enhance parents’ ability to develop parent/child environments that minimize risk factors and maximize protective factors. Through the use of psycho-educational and cognitive behavioral approaches the parent educator and clinicians reinforce the nurturing parenting curriculum.

The program provides opportunities to learn and use caregiving approaches that are nurturing, safe and consistent. Counseling and parenting goals are developed and measured through the use of the Adult-Adolescent Parenting Inventory (AAPI) assessment tool. 

Recommendations and referrals for services, resources and interventions are made when indicated.

Criteria for Service Eligibility:

  • Parent/Legal Guardian with child age 0-4 at time of referral.
  • Referral must be made by DCF-DCP&P Middlesex/Somerset Offices ONLY.
  • Parents with active and/or untreated substance abuse problems and or acute mental health issues may require other services prior to participation in the home-based parenting education program in order to benefit from the program.

Bilingual services are available

Contact Information:

Katya Hidalgo-Quarless, LSW
Mental Health Clinician II
Phone: (732)235-5582


Mitchell Douglas, LCSW
Clinician Administrator, Acute Services
Phone: (732)-235-8240

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