Student Orientation
Instructions for Online Student Forms and Orientation Information

The UBHC student orientation has five components. NOTE: Items 1 through 4 must be completed prior to going onto your clinical placement unit.

  1. Read online student orientation information (see topics below)
  2. Complete student forms
  3. Attend a 60 minute live student orientation to review Infection Control/Standard Precautions, Age Specific Competencies, Cultural Diversity, HIPPA and to answer questions that you have regarding the online student orientation manual. You will also receive the information needed to obtain your student ID and parking hang tag (if needed).
  4. Obtain your student ID (required) and parking hang tag (if needed).
  5. Complete the live program based orientation the first day of your student clinical (provided by the program supervisor or designee).

Student Forms

All Forms: Print, read, and complete all asterisked (*) items. Bring completed form to your scheduled live student orientation.

Form A Student Information Form
Form B Confidentiality Agreement
Form C Student Waiver Form
Form D I.D. Card Application - NOTE: No asterisk's (*) on this form. On top check off student; Under Personal Information complete the following: Last Name; First Name; Middle Initial; Department; Home Address; City; State; Zip Code; Title (put in Student); Date of Hire - Put in your start date of your clinical experience at UBHC; sign and date the form.

Student Online Orientation Topics

This information must be read prior to your live student orientation. You may read the information online and/or print the documents for reference.