Test Yourself

Each of us can occasionally run into problems that affect our academic performance. When personal issues interfere with your responsibilities as a student, parent, spouse or friend, the SWP can help.


Not sure if SWP services are right for you? Click on a topic below to test yourself.

"I'm Concerned about a Possible Alcohol Problem"

"I'm Concerned about a Possible Drug Abuse Problem"

"Do I have a Drinking or Substance Abuse Problem?"

"I'm Concerned about Depression"     

"I'm Concerned about Stress and Anxiety"

"I'm Concerned I'm in an Abusive Relationship"


 Remember, the SWP offers confidential counseling sessions that can help you get "back on track."

Call to schedule an appointment:

Piscataway: (732) 235-5933

242 Old New Brunswick Road, Suite 330


Newark: (973) 972-5429

183 South Orange Avenue


Scotch Plains: (732) 235-5933

1776 Raritan Road, Room 420


Stratford/Camden: (856) 770-5750

227 Laurel Road
1 Echelon Plaza, Suite 101


For more information please call 1-800-327-3678.

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