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Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission...

Rutgers Health: University Behavioral Health Care is dedicated to a mission of excellence that includes, the delivery of evidence based and compassionate behavioral health and addiction services to individuals and families across New Jersey, advancing the science through programmatic research, and educating the next generation of health care professionals.

Our Vision...

University Behavioral Health Care, a leader in the advancement of mental health for the people of New Jersey and the nation.

Our Values...

  • Accessibility of services to the people of New Jersey, especially those who are the most ill, disadvantaged, and in need.
  • Treatment approaches that have demonstrated effectiveness.
  • The promotion of research and innovative programming that occurs in an open-minded spirit of inquiry.
  • The education of professionals and students through clinical training and the development of academic programs and courses.
  • Our obligation to the larger community through primary prevention, outreach, consultation and training activities, and through efforts to ensure collaboration and continuity of care among all service providers.
  • Respect and honor for all cultures and diversity of the people we serve, and support the viability and integrity of the communities in which they live.