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Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care

A World of Services 

Most people have at least one time in their life when they could use some extra help. It's never an easy decision to go to a behavioral health professional and it can be difficult to know where to turn.

Wherever you go, you want to make certain that there are a variety of services and staff to choose from and that they meet the very highest level of training and experience.

At Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care (UBHC), we offer the broadest range of services in New Jersey and we are the only behavioral health system that is part of a medical school, so our staff are trained in the most effective, most current treatments. In fact, some of those treatments have been developed right here at UBHC.

Not only does UBHC provide clinical care and develop new treatments, we also train professionals across the country in the best ways to support people through those difficult times.

We have many special programs for all age groups and types of problems. Whether your child is struggling in school or your parent is getting forgetful, we can help. If you are an active or former military service member, a teacher, the mother of a special needs child, or know someone with a substance abuse problem, UBHC has services to assist.

We welcome you to learn more about UBHC by browsing our website or calling our Access Center at 800-969-5300.