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DCP&P - Worker2Worker Helpline

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A confidential peer-counseling support helpline for Division of Child Protection and Permanency employees to help you manage the unique stresses of your job.

Helpline: 1-855-DCPP-4-U-2 (1-855-327-7482)
Live Chat:
Hours: 10:00am - 8:00pm

DCP&P - Worker2Worker is a 7-day-a-week helpline coordinated by Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care. The helpline features peer support, telephone assessments and a network of referral services.

When the job gets to you, blowing off steam with a coworker or loved one is often all you need to refocus and move on. But when the issues run deeper, DCP&P - Worker2Worker is ready to help you and your family cope with and resolve your problems. Our peer-support counselors and clinicians understand, listen and want to help.

If you are feeling depressed, helpless, overwhelmed, weak, withdrawn, suicidal, financially drained, or emotionally or physically exhausted from a highly stressful situation, reach out for assistance: 1-855-DCPP-4-U-2 (1-855-327-7482).

Our focus is always to maintain your confidentiality.

Remember DCP&P - Worker2Worker:
You are protecting New Jersey's children and families. Who is caring for YOU?

For more information, please visit our DCP&P - Worker2Worker Helpline Website.

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