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Clinical Overview

Interim Managing Entity (IME)

In January 2015 the New Jersey Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services developed the Interim Managing Entity (IME), now known as the UBHC IME Addictions Access Center. The program is designed to assure effective access to treatment for New Jersey residents who seek treatment for their substance use disorder (SUD).

An individual who calls the program’s toll-free number, 844-276-2777 for a referral to treatment will be provided with assistance and support on a 24/7/365 basis. Program staff provides a coordinated point of entry for those seeking treatment for a SUD. Clients calling the program will be screened and referred to an addiction treatment provider by a warm handoff whenever possible. IME Addictions Access Center staff will assist callers to find the right provider for their needs and help them navigate the substance abuse treatment network.

The program’s Care Coordination staff offers assistance when clients encounter barriers to treatment such as waiting time for admission to treatment or a lack of transportation. Care Coordination staff works to resolve those barriers to care. In addition, program staff provides recovery support during the period of barrier resolution.

The program also provides utilization management and authorizes the most appropriate treatment that addresses the client’s clinical needs. Within the authorization process the utilization management staff ensures that individuals receive the right level of care, at the right intensity of service, for the right duration of time.

 Call 844-276-2777, the toll-free number 24/7/365 for a referral to addiction treatment

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