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Clinical Overview

Community Based Programs

Mobile Outreach for Recovery and Education (MORE)

Provides case management, peer recovery and nursing services to people who are 18+, residing in Middlesex County that have an Opioid Use Disorder who are not currently engaged in treatment.  Services including linkages and referrals (i.e. housing, substance use/mental health treatment, benefits etc.) Peers work with people to provide engagement, support, education etc.  The LPN provides education and nursing assessments

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Integrated Case Management Services (ICMS)

Population Served: Severely and persistently mentally ill adults (ages 18 and over) residing in Middlesex County who have been discharged from a psychiatric hospital or are at risk of hospitalization.
Referral Source: State or County Psychiatric Hospitals, Short Term Care Facilities (STCF), and Local Mental Health Service providers
Funding Source: Fee for Service (no longer grant funded)
Number Served: There is no upper limit of case load capacity
Service Provided: Assessment, Treatment Planning, Monitoring and Llinkage to mental health, medical, addictions  and other community bases supportive services needed to prevent re-hospitalization and optimize success in community settings.
Length of Service: Up to  12 months

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Homeless Case Management (PATH)
Intensive Family Support Services (IFSS)
Specialized Case Management and Outreach Services (SCMOS)
Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG)
Support Team for Addiction Recovery (STAR)
Maternal Wraparound Program (M-WRAP)
Supported Employment - Middlesex County
Rutgers We Care: Community Mental Health Center (CMHC)
Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD)