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Clinical Overview

Rutgers Day School Adolescent Program (ages 13 - 21 years)

The Adolescent Program is a highly specialized therapeutic school that provides a nurturing environment for adolescents struggling with significant psychiatric concerns. Our comprehensive program consists of social, emotional, behavioral and psychiatric supports within an individualized special education setting. We are accredited by the Joint Commission of the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and by the New Jersey Department of Education as a New Jersey Public-College Operated Program for the Disabled.

Our mission is to foster the resilience and self-understanding of adolescents, as they encounter the typical stressors of young adulthood while addressing their mental health needs. Many of our students are at risk for self-harm, destructive behaviors and out of home placement, and are in need of a highly structured and integrated therapeutic experience. The program emphasizes long term care with a recommendation of a minimum one year commitment as consistency is necessary to facilitate true growth for each student. We strongly believe that our partnerships with families, child study teams, and community-based organizations provide the opportunity for continued growth in all facets of the student’s life and all are seen as valued members of the treatment team. 

The educational program assists students by focusing on personal growth as well as meeting their academic needs. All grades 9-12 courses offer credit towards high school graduation. Meetings throughout the school year are scheduled with the districts’ child study teams in order to provide updated information regarding progress and to assist the family and school districts with appropriate placement when the adolescent leaves the program.

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