University Behavioral Health Care

Clinical Overview

Rutgers Day School (ages 13 - 21 years)

The Adolescent Program is a comprehensive long term special education/partial hospitalization program, which integrates therapeutic, psychiatric and special education services. We are accredited by the Joint Commission of Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and by the New Jersey Department of Education as a New Jersey Public-College Operated Program for the Disabled.

Our mission is to meet the complex needs of adolescents (ages 13-21) suffering from significant emotional challenges that negatively affect family life, social functioning, peer relationships and academic achievements. It is our mission to foster resilience and self-understanding for adolescents at risk of self-harm, destructive behaviors, hospitalization and out of home placement. The program emphasizes comprehensive, in depth, long term care. Generally the length of stay is a minimum of one year.

We believe in partnership with families, child study teams and community based organizations. All grades 9-12 courses offer credit towards high school graduation. The Education Program assists the students by focusing on personal growth as well as academic needs. Meetings throughout the school year are scheduled with districts' Child Study Teams in order to provide updated information regarding progress and to assist the family and school districts with appropriate placement when the adolescent leaves the program.

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