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Telehealth Services at UBHC

University Behavioral Health Care is proud to offer Telehealth Services to the existing and new individuals that we serve.  As the world changes and we are faced with new challenges, our goal remains to provide compassionate behavioral health and addiction services. 

How does Telehealth work?

Telehealth services provide individuals an opportunity to meet with our staff remotely, while maintaining confidentiality, through video conference technology.  Our staff will walk you through the platform and explain (in detail) how to access your appointments.  Like any other UBHC service, we schedule sessions and maintain regular communication with the individuals we serve.  

What levels of care are offered for Telehealth?

Acute Partial Hospitalization Services 

Community Based Services 

Children's Mobile Response & Stabilization Services - for this service only, please call (877) 652-7624

Early Intervention Support Services 

Intensive Outpatient Program  Services 

Outpatient Services 

How do I schedule a Telehealth appointment?

To schedule a new Telehealth appointment, please call our ACCESS CENTER at (800) 969-5300

If you are already open to treatment at UBHC, please contact the department or provider directly.  

Telehealth Resources

How to Prepare for a Video Appointment (pdf) - English version

How to Prepare for a Video Appointment (pdf) - Spanish verision


Hear directly from our staff at University Behavioral Health Care as to how we are supporting our community.

Children's Mobile Response & Stabilization Service - Essex & Middlesex County, NJ

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