Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care (UBHC) – New Jersey Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) Trainings on First Episode Psychosis and Its Treatment

In New Jersey, the Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) contracted with Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care (UBHC) to provide state-wide training on first episode psychosis and its treatment.  The overall goal was to promote readiness among NJ behavioral health agencies in the treatment of first episode psychosis.  Specific goals of the training were to:

  • Inform NJ mental health agencies about recent positive developments in treatment strategies for first episode psychosis
  • Describe the components of the RAISE model in detail
  • Discuss administrative requirements, and  
  • Provide information for agencies to acquire available free resources to implement the model

The 2015 training sessions consisted of half-day sessions followed by full-day sessions.   The half-day sessions covered the following topics:

  • First episode psychosis: Definitions and clinical presentation
  • What families want to know
  • What keeps clients in treatment
  • Short-term course of FEP
  • Medication and outcomes
  • Recent treatment models and resources (e.g., RAISE)
  • The importance of cognition
  • Summary

The full-day sessions covered effective interventions for FEP in more detail, including separate sessions by experts in each treatment modality:

  • Introduction and rationale for RAISE
  • Recovery orientation
  • Supported education
  • Supported employment and career development
  • Individual Resiliency Training (IMR + CBT)
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Medical considerations
  • Family psychoeducation
  • Crisis management
  • Cognitive remediation

The 2016 sessions are currently ongoing, and are offering hands-on half- and full-day trainings in each specific intervention.


To access video recordings of all of the 2015 sessions (half-day and full-day), click Here.


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