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Antoine Lebeaut

Research Assistant

Antoine received his BA in Psychology from Franklin & Marshall College in 2015. Following graduation, he completed a research assistantship at Fordham University in the Compulsive, Obsessive, and Anxiety Program Lab, primarily exploring the co-occurrence of Obessive-Complusive Disorder and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He also simultaneously completed an internship at Deirdre's House, a child advocacy center in Morris County, NJ, focusing on treatment and judicial outcomes for child victims of abuse, neglect, and domestic violence.

He is currently a Research Assistant for the Division of Schizophrenia Research at Rutgers-UBHC, assisting on a study evaluating the effectiveness of a novel combination of behavioral interventions for reducing the development of substance abuse disorders in youth at high-risk for developing them. Additionally, Antoine is working on a pilot study investigating the efficacy of a visual remediation intervention to improve visual and cognitive functioning in schizophrenia.

Antoine’s research interests include the influence of traumatic stress on the development and severity of mental illness, particularly in children and adolescents. He is also interested in the risk factors for developing psychosis and the impact of schizophrenia on cognitive and perceptual processes.

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