General Resources

Schizophrenia Research Forum

Research-Supported Treatments for Schizophrenia

American Psychological Association Division of Clinical Psychology, treatment recommendations (and strength of research evidence for them) for schizophrenia

Useful Links to Videos About Schizophrenia

Ellyn Saks' TED talk on her experience with schizophrenia.:

ABC story on simulating schizophrenia:

Interview with a young adult with schizophrenia with many symptoms:

5-minute video of a disorganized patient, similar to what is observed in state hospitals:

More interviews with adults with schizophrenia:

Other useful links for audio and video (from

Cognitive Remediation in Psychiatry (annual conference):

Useful Links for Vision Research

Vision Science: An Internet Resource for Research in Human and Animal Vision

Vision Sciences Society

Motion and form tutorial:

Cambridge Research Systems: Tools for Vision Science

Viper Lib (library of visual images):

Web-Enabled Image Processing Operators:

Strobe illusion:

99 Visual Phenomena and Optical Illusions:



Genes to Cognition:

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