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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

An Employee Assistance Program, EAP, is a confidential counseling service that helps employees deal effectively with problems that may be affecting their well-being, their personal lives and/or their job performance.  Common concerns that may lead to an employee reaching out might include family problems, relationship issues, problem resulting from alcohol or drug use, stress and coping with life changes in your personal or work setting.


What services are offered?

            Free, confidential and focused individual, couples and family counseling. 

            Crisis Intervention.

            Prevention oriented groups and workshops on relevant topics, e.g. Stress Management,

            Harassment, Balancing Work and Family, Conflict Resolution, etc.

            Assessment and referral for specialized substance abuse treatment.

            Training and consultation to Supervisors and Managers.


Is the EAP only available to employees?

NO, All eligible employees and family members residing in their household can use the EAP.


Is the EAP really confidential?

YES, Discussions between the EAP counselor and you are strictly confidential.  This information will not be included in your personnel file and it will not be released without your written permission.  Records are kept at the EAP office, not at the employer’s location.


If my supervisor refers me to the EAP, will my job be in jeopardy?

NO! Getting help from the EAP does not jeopardize your job security or promotional opportunities.  Your supervisor has been trained to focus on job performance problems and work related issues.  He/she is not trained to deal with personal problems.  If a personal problem is affecting your work performance, your supervisor wants you to get help in taking care of it.

Is there a fee for using the EAP?

NO!  Your employer has already paid for all EAP services.  If you are referred for assistance to another professional or program in the community, there may be fees for that service.  These feels will be your responsibility and your health insurance may cover a significant portion of any fees that you encounter.  Your ability to pay is taken into consideration before any referral is made.


What if I don’t want to use the EAP?

The decision is yours to use or not to use the EAP.  If you are demonstrating job performance problems, use of the program will be recommended.  If you choose not to use it and your performance improves, that’s fine.  If you decide to use the EAP and it helps you improve, that’s great.  Whether you use it or not, usual disciplinary policies will apply if job performance does not improve.  Any actions taken by management are based on job performance only, not on whether you use or do not use the EAP.