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What Others Say about the UBHC EAP

"I enthusiastically recommend the UBHC EAP to any organization that wants to upgrade their workforce and maintain a high degree of morale and focus in a cost effective manner."

- President, Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

"For the past fifteen years we have seen outcomes that continue to meet our expectations. For this and many other reasons, we value our working relationship with the UBHC EAP."

- VP Human Resources, Hospital

"We are very satisfied with UBHC's EAP program and their staff and would highly recommend them to other organizations as their choice for an EAP."

- VP, Human Resources, Industrial Firm

"Our Association wishes to express our appreciation to UBHC EAP for the excellent service it has provided since 1987."

- Executive Director, Trade Association

"For the past 14 years, the UBHC EAP has been helping employees in a confidential manner, but it has offered us the opportunity to utilize training programs in a way that is both cost effective and flexible to our needs."

- HR Coordinator, NJ Township