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Research By CIC

1. Peer-Reviewed Publications

Lister, H.H., Marcello, S.C., Lister, J.J., Toto, A., Gilmore Powell, K., & Peterson, N.A. (2022). Advancing the behavioral health workforce: An innovative integrated care and substance use disorder training model to improve outcomes for people in medically underserved communities. Families, Systems, & Health. doi: 10.1037/fsh0000739.


2. Peer-Reviewed Conference Presentations

Lister, J.J., Cheung, S.P., Lister, H.H., Gilmore Powell, K., Peterson, N.A., Marcello, S.C., Toto, A.M., Enich, M., Cooper, S., & Fougnies, L. (2022, October). The Rutgers Integrated Care Evaluation Framework (The RICE Framework): An innovative and rigorous set of strategies to evaluate integrated care programs. Presented at the 25th Annual Collaborative Family Healthcare Association Conference, Boise, Idaho.

Lister, H.H., Marcello, S.C., & Toto, A. (2022, April). Shaping the future of integrated care through the development of innovative education, training, and clinical programs. Presented at the 53rd Annual National Council for Mental Wellbeing Conference, Washington, D.C.