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Karen McGrellis LPC, MPA , ACS

Senior Training & Consultation Specialist

Karen McGrellis is a Certified Trauma Treatment Specialist, and has a Certificate in Traumatic Stress Studies through The Trauma Center at JRI. She is one of the first clinicians certified in the United States as a Disaster Response Crisis Counselor and is team leader under Disaster and Terrorism Branch within the Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services. As a member of the Promising Path to Success 2.0 Team she coaches CSOC partners and NJ DCF Office of Education funded schools in the use of trauma-informed practices using the evidence based framework of 6 Core Strategies© and the Nurtured Heart Approach® of which she is a Certified Advanced Trainer.  She is an experienced conference presenter, and clinician, with 30 years postgraduate experience in a variety of clinical and administrative positions, including extensive experience in providing treatment and traumatic stress interventions with youth, adults, and families. She is a member of the NCTSN's Complex Trauma-Developmental Trauma Disorder Workgroup, Child Welfare Workgroup, and North East Disaster Coalition.