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Adult Correctional / Forensic Track

Four adult correctional/forensic track interns meet their core requirements at Rutgers University Correctional Health Care (UCHC), a subsidiary of UBHC. Rutgers UCHC operates all mental health services in the state prison system. Settings for the correctional/forensic track internship (or for adult correctional/forensic electives) include Northern State Prison (NSP, for men) in Newark, Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women in Clinton (EMCFW), the Adult Diagnostic and Treatment Center (ADTC, for sex offenders) in Avenel, and New Jersey State Prison (NJSP) in Trenton. If ADTC is a selected rotation, it is typically for a half-year, and the other six months would be completed at NSP or EMCFW.

The foue correctional/forensic adult track positions are reserved for interns with a particular interest in working with clients within the correctional system, and offers opportunities to work with the full range of behavioral difficulties in both male and female populations. Interns develop a first-hand appreciation of the interface of psychology and correctional/forensic issues, and how these impinge on both clients and staff in this setting. Working in the prisons for 3-4 days per week, correctional/forensic track interns complete a half-year outpatient experience, and a half-year partial hospital/inpatient experience, which includes a sub-rotation at acute crisis/stabilization unit, where there are frequent opportunities to assess for suicide. Intake assessments are conducted at inpatient rotations.

Correctional/Forensic interns also have copious opportunities to complete the majority of their testing requirements at UCHC. Common assessments include full psychological batteries with treatment recommendations, the assessment of malingering, and risk assessment (for sexual violence, suicide, and civil commitment).

Correctional/Forensic interns also take additional elective rotations at Rutgers UBHC in Newark.

While the correctional/forensic track interns are required to complete the bulk of the core experience within UCHC, interns from the other tracks may take some elective experiences at UCHC as well.

Because of the locations of these facilities, interns who take core or elective experiences in these settings must have access to their own cars. Adult correctional/forensic interns must also be able to tolerate shared workspace and louder working conditions. They must be able to type notes and reports, and lift up to 15 pounds at one time, principally related to the weight of the entry doors.