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Education Overview

Psychology Internship Program - Piscataway

Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care in conjunction with Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Department of Psychiatry


Our APA accredited Doctoral Psychology Internship Program offers five distinct major tracks (major rotations) in addition to many minor rotations, research opportunities, and a robust didactics program to fully round out our Interns’ training. Doctoral Psychology Interns spend three days per week at their major rotation and one day per week at a minor rotation. The remaining day is spent in didactic activities and working on research.

 Our five major tracks are:

  1. Adolescent Forensic / Juvenile Justice Track
  2. Adult - Outpatient Track
  3. Adult – Substance Use Disorders Track
  4. Child / Adolescent - School-Based Track
  5. Child Therapeutic Day School Track

Below is an introductory message from the program’s training director, Dr. Marc Steinberg followed by messages from the supervisors of the five major tracks.

Updated 7/23/2020
Adolescent Forensic / Juvenile Justice Track
Adult - Outpatient
Adult – Substance Use Disorders Treatment Track
Child / Adolescent - School-Based Track
Child Therapeutic Day School Track
Secondary (Minor) Rotations