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Education Overview

Mission & Aims / Training

The Aspirational Statement of Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS) states; “RBHS aspires to be recognized as one of the best academic health centers in the United States, known for its education, research, clinical care, and commitment to improving access to health care and reducing health care disparities. This will be achieved through dedication to elevated standards of excellence and innovation, inter-professional collaboration and integration, and deep engagement of the community.”

Following from these institutional aspirations, UBHC’s mission statement is: “University Behavioral Health care is dedicated to excellence in providing behavioral health services to the people of New Jersey, We are committed to being a leader in the delivery of effective, compassionate and accessible care that is informed by research and education.”

Our internship program has sustained a continuous four-decade focus on the training of clinical psychological intervention. This strong heritage informs our overall aim to prepare trainees to demonstrate that all profession-wide competencies identified by the APA Committee on Accreditation have been met.

Specifically, we aim to develop and enhance our trainees’ skills in Research, Ethical and legal standards, Individual and cultural diversity, Professional values, attitudes, and behaviors, Communication and interpersonal skills, Assessment, Intervention, Supervision, and Consultation / interprofessional/interdisciplinary skills. These skills will be developed within supervised clinical experiences, mentored research projects, and didactic seminars with a goal of supporting our trainees’ professional growth.

We also seek to train our Psychology Residents in settings that foster professional relationships with other allied health professionals. Through a continuous process that includes self-assessment, quality improvement, evidence-based awareness, and best practice orientation, we aim to train our interns in cutting edge clinical practice. We aspire to maintain current with the distinctive evidence-based contributions of psychology while delineating the confluence of psychology with broader spectrum health service psychology.

Updated 8/15/2023

Program Training Model
Program Goals and Objectives