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Education Overview

Requirements For Completion Of Internship

The following requirements must be met to the satisfaction of the Training Committee to receive satisfactory certification of internship completion: 

  • The internship requires a total of 2000 hours. The bulk of this will time will be supervised work in the major rotation, but will also include time in the minor rotation, doing research, attending didactic sessions, providing clinical supervision to psychiatry residents, and completing psychological evaluations. A minimum of 500 hours in the provision of direct face-to-face clinical services is required.
  • All rotations must be satisfactorily completed. All final profession-wide competency ratings must be at a level consistent with an independent psychologist for all 9 competencies to successfully complete the internship program.
  • Psychology Residents must complete all assigned clinical documentation and administrative record keeping.
  • Psychology Residents must attend the Didactics Program.
  • At least four Psychological Evaluations with an integrated written report must be completed. Feedback on the results of the evaluation must be provided to the referral source and the individual tested, as well as to family members when appropriate.
  • All supervisor evaluation forms, seminar evaluation forms, and Internship Program Evaluation forms must be completed.
  • Participation in routine case conferences and meetings required for the major and minor rotations are expected.
  • Participation in a research presentation is required. This exercise involves presenting on a peer-reviewed article relevant to the Psychology Residents’ interest. The presentation will be attended by the Director of Internship Training and their fellow Psychology Residents. Feedback on the presentation will be provided. The Psychology Resident will also write up a review of an article as if they were reviewing a manuscript under consideration for publication. At least one faculty member will read the article and the Psychology Resident’s write-up. They will then provide feedback to the intern and the Director of Internship Training. Should faculty deem the review inadequate, the intern will complete another review of another article until it is completed to faculty satisfaction.

Updated 8/15/2023