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Don't leave the lab without it!

Roving Reporter ImageKelvin, an eighth grader at P.S. #41 in Jersey City, thought of a way to enhance the already successful Social Decision-Making Lab at his school. The Social Decision Making Lab is a place that helps students identify socially appropriate goals. Using worksheets or a computer program, students systematically use their problem solving skills to reach those goals. Kelvin works in the lab, helping younger students solve problems and think through troubling situations. He was finding that once students left the lab, they were having difficulty remembering to use Keep Calm or Smell the Pizza. Kelvin brainstormed a solution to this problem. He figured that kids might remember to use Keep Calm if they were given a little reminder. He decided to create a little card that contained the Keep Calm steps on one side and the Smell the Pizza steps on the other side. Each time a student leaves the Social Decision Making Lab, they receive a Keep Calm card to put in their pocket or somewhere else of their choice to help them remember to use Keep Calm the next time they are upset and about to get into trouble. These little cards are proving to be a great way for the students at P.S. #41 to remember to use Keep Calm.