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Traumatic Loss Coalitions for Youth Program (TLC)

Since 2000, the TLC has been providing support to communities affected by traumatic events such as homicide and illness; the most difficult being suicide.

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in New Jersey for ages 15-24. On average, one person dies by suicide every 13 hours in the state, and nearly twice as many people die by suicide in New Jersey annually than by homicide.  The dual mission of the TLC is excellence in suicide prevention and trauma response assistance to schools following unfortunate losses due to suicide, homicide, accident, and illness.  This is accomplished through county, regional, and statewide conferences, training, consultation, onsite traumatic loss response, and technical assistance.  The purpose is to ensure that those working with youth from a variety of disciplines and programs have up-to-date knowledge about mental health issues, suicide prevention, traumatic grief, and resiliency enhancement.

Through collaborative funding by NJ Department of Children & Families, Children's System of Care,  the Traumatic Loss Coalitions for Youth Program has created an expanding statewide network that effectively works to prevent suicide and promote hope, healing, and resiliency in the aftermath of traumatic loss.

Traumatic Loss Coalitions for Youth (TLC)

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Maureen A. Brogan, Statewide Program Manager, LPC, ACS, DAAETS, DRCC