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Suicide Awareness, Prevention, & Postvention

The TLC often receives calls from schools inquiring about suicide awareness programs for students and faculty in their desire to fulfill the professional development requirement, per N.J.S.A. 18A:6-11. We appreciate the caution that schools are demonstrating as care needs to be taken to choose programs that are effective and safe especially in regard to suicide awareness programs for students.

Please find information on some of the Suicide Prevention educational programs for adults and youth being implemented in New Jersey. Please refer to the Suicide Prevention Resource Center/American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (SPRC/AFSP) Best Practices Registry (BPR) link for a complete listing of all Evidenced-Based and Best practices programs to meet your educational needs.


What if you were able to identify young people at risk for suicide in 20 seconds? This presentation will discuss the importance of universal suicide risk screening in multiple settings and will discuss how to detect and manage young people at risk for suicide. What do you do when you find someone at risk for suicide? A three-tiered suicide risk screening clinical pathway will be highlighted as a way to manage youth who screen positive for suicide risk and determine next steps for care. 

Here is the link to the webinar with Dr. Lisa Horowitz, PhD, MPH Staff Scientist / Clinical Psychologist National Institutes of Mental Health discussing the ASQ tool.