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Blindness Myths and Facts

Myth:Blindness means you can’t see anything at all.

Fact: Many people who are blind have some remaining vision. If someone tells you they’re blind, don’t be surprised if you find they still have some useful sight. Different causes of blindness affect people differently. Some eye diseases primarily impact central vision, others effect peripheral vision.

Myth: People who are blind can’t live independently.

Fact: People who are blind can do almost anything. They just do it differently. Not only can people who are blind live independently, they can raise a family, have a meaningful career, play sports, travel and more. Vision-loss rehabilitation and other training teaches skills and strategies so a person who has lost vision can live the life they want to. Eye2Eye exists to provide the emotional support that rehabilitative services often do not include.

Myth: People who are blind can’t use most technology.

Fact: Technology is a way of life for people who are blind. People who are blind use computers, mobile phones, apps and other tech to enhance their independence and make the world more accessible. Many people who are blind say technology has revolutionized their lives.                     

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