Division of Research

The Division of Research is the research arm of the Behavioral Research Training Institute committed to the acquisition and dissemination of new knowledge about mental health services and issues. It has for its mission to eliminate disparities in mental health care through translatable and evidence-based research. Researchers from the Division have investigated important and pertinent mental health issues such as substance abuse/use/dependence, youth violence, access to mental health care services and problems affecting quality treatment. The Division of Research coordinates the participation of multi-disciplinary investigators in research projects at UBHC and communities within the State of New Jersey. Many of our research programs are integrated with the training mission of the institute. Participating investigators include faculty of RBHS, Rutgers University, and other institutionally and non-institutionally related researchers. Our ongoing research programs are both extramurally and extramurally supported.


Our main objectives and goals are to:

  • Research substance use and dependence among minority population.
  • Gather and disseminate knowledge on substance abuse practices.
  • Develop performance measures of services patterns and treatment outcomes.
  • Investigate access to mental health care.
  • Translate research findings into best practices for minority populations and other vulnerable populations.
  • Reduce disparities in mental health care.
  • Research important and persistent mental care issues such as disparities in quality of care.
  • Develop a collaborative research program with Quality Improvement at UBHC.

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