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Resiliency Resources at University Behavioral Health Care

Staff Well Being Resource Grid (click for pdf)

Student Well Being Resource Grid (click for pdf)

University Behavioral Health Care has put together a series of short videos to assist in building and maintaining resilience. We have called upon our diverse staff to share techniques they use and have shared with the individuals we serve at UBHC.  Watch them anytime - before you start your day, on your break or during your free time.  Share these videos with your colleagues, family and friends.   In 90 seconds, you can be reminded of simple things you can do.

Kelly Moore, PsyD, talks about Routines.

Yewande Okungoya talks about  Gratitude Lists.

Michael Brown talks about Mindfulness in Everyday Life.

Ravi Maharajh, LPC, talks about Self-Care through Nourishment .

Monica Townsend, MPA, talks about Strengths.

Mary-Catherine Lundquist talks about Affirmations.

Ken Verni, PsyD, talks about Letting Go.
Shefali Kumar, APN, FNP-C, MSN, talks about Going Outside.
James & Jamal Shipman talk about Coping Techniques.

Christina Salmon talks about Forgiveness.
Lubna Qureshi, RN, BSN, talks about Laughter.
James Williams, LCSW, talks about Grounding Techniques.

Ken Verni, PsyD, talks about Stop, Drop & Roll.

Stephanie Marcello PhD, talks about The Power of Connection.

Peggy Swarbrick, PhD, talks about The Importance of Sleep for Wellness.

Grace Fredman, MD, talks about Stories that Heal

Lorraine D'Sylva-Lee talks about Fun Activities.

Jacynth Pelland talks about Nature & Environmental De-Stress .

Rutgers Day School Staff talks about Remote Learning

Kiersten Gallacher talks about Somatic Awareness

Dawn Dreyer talks about Creative Virtual Meetings

Stephanie Marcello talks about Collective Grief

Andrea Tito talks about Health Eating Habits

Conversations about Resiliency at UBHC