COPSA Outreach/Case Management Program

COPSA Outreach staff work with older adults who may otherwise not be able to access mental health services. They bring resources into the community and serve as a liaison between the older adult and formal health care system.

The Outreach Staff has special training in geriatrics and extensive knowledge of community resources. This enables them to identify older adults in need of assistance and link them up with appropriate resources. This is accomplished through a combination of home visits and work with family members, neighbors and other formal and informal support networks.

Their work includes negotiating entitlement programs on behalf of the client, and consultations with geriatric psychiatrists and social workers. The most important aspect of this work is gaining the trust of the client because it is only through this patient and sensitive process that client is assured the best possible person centered treatment.

Outreach workers also provide practical information and support to caregivers. They guide adult children and spouses through the maze of services and resources available, enabling them to provide the best possible care for a loved one.

The COPSA Outreach Case Management program accepts referrals from doctors, nurses, social workers and personnel from senior centers and nutrition sites as well as anyone concerned about an older adult.

For more information please call 732 235-8400.

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