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Student Wellness Program

The Student Wellness Program (SWP) is a free and confidential counseling service which helps students deal effectively with stressors and pressures related to school, as well as personal problems that may affect their well-being, their home lives and/or their academic performance.

What services are offered? 

  • Free confidential counseling.

  • Short term and focused individual, couples and family counseling.

  • Crisis Intervention.

  • Prevention oriented groups and workshops on relevant topics, e.g. stress management.

  • Assessment and referral for specialized substance abuse treatment.

  • Training and consultation to peer support counselors, faculty & staff.

How confidential is the SWP?
Who is eligible for services?
What types of concerns might warrant a student using the SWP?
Is there a fee for using the SWP?
Where is the Student Wellness Program located?