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The Traumatic Loss Coalitions for Youth Program (TLC) at RUTGERS-University Behavioral Health Care is New Jersey's primary youth suicide prevention program funded by the Department of Children and Families, Division of Family and Community Partnerships, Office of School Linked Services..

The TLC is an interactive, statewide network that offers collaboration and support to professionals working with school-age youth. The dual mission of the TLC is excellence in suicide prevention and trauma response assistance to schools following unfortunate losses due to suicide, homicide, accident and illness. This is accomplished through county, regional and statewide conferences, training, consultation, onsite traumatic loss response, and technical assistance. The purpose is to ensure that those working with youth from a variety of disciplines and programs have up-to-date knowledge about mental health issues, suicide prevention, traumatic grief, and resiliency enhancement. Since its inception, the TLC has trained thousands of individuals with the purpose of saving lives and promoting post trauma healing and resiliency for the youth of New Jersey.

The TLC has operated as a county-based collaborative since the year 2000 with a TLC Coordinator in each county. The Coordinators provide meetings throughout the year bringing together school personnel, mental health clinicians, juvenile justice personnel, law enforcement officials, social service agencies, child welfare workers and many others who work closely with youth. The meetings are effective forums for reviewing traumatic loss events, identifying service needs, and providing professional development through the inclusion of an educational component. The educational speakers are experts in topics related to the needs of youth..

The Coordinators also work within their counties to direct a Lead Response Team (LRT) to assist schools when needed following a traumatic loss event, or as in the case of several counties, support the director of an existing team. Psychological First Aid (PFA) trainings are provided for members of these teams.

The Traumatic Loss Coalitions for Youth Program has created an expanding statewide network that effectively works to prevent suicide and promote healing and resiliency in the aftermath of traumatic loss.

Central Office:
Traumatic Loss Coalitions for Youth (TLC)
151 Centennial Avenue
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Maureen A. Brogan, LPC
Sara Quinlan

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